North Glasgow Healthy Living Community (HLC) partnered with Red Road Women’s Centre offering funding for a project that the centre’s art group Women@play worked on. The support offered by North Glasgow HLC helped facilitate an outdoor art exhibition in which the women’s art group invited local women to take part in a ‘Labyrinth of Life’, symbolising women’s journey through life.

The Labyrinth of Life involved local women standing at a specific point on a grid which helped form a human maze. All the women wore red and stood on their spot on the grid. One woman who was wearing white then walked through the maze to portray a woman’s journey through life.

The Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow approached the group asking them to contribute to their ‘elbowroom’ exhibition. A video of the Labyrinth of Life was shown at the exhibition, along with other artwork produced by the group.

The elbowroom exhibition was the first exhibition in a programme delivered by Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Arts Council called ‘Rule of Thumb: Contemporary Art and Human Rights’, a 13 month programme of exhibitions, events, participatory arts projects and workshops highlighting the issue of violence against women.

North Glasgow HLC once again partnered with Red Road Women's Centre to co-ordinate the delivery of a 'Women's Wellbeing Programme', by delivering aerobics and relaxation sessions for female residents of North Glasgow in a women-only space. Targeting mainly ethnic minority groups and isolated individuals, the aim was to improve women's access to activities that enhance, promote and raise awareness of fitness and wellbeing.

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